Vegans, Get Excited! Trader Joe’s Has a New Dairy-Free Almond Milk Yogurt — But Is It Good?


As a plant-based eater, shopping at Trader Joe’s is a pure delight, because there are so many options. And I’m not just talking about some new frozen veggie or variety of apple (but seriously, have you tasted the Envy apples?!). Those are exciting, but I’ll actually squeal out loud in the store when I see a new vegan alternative to non-vegan products — like ice cream or veggie burgers.

That’s why I was so overjoyed to see this new dairy-free almond milk yogurt. It has a decent amount of protein — more than Trader Joe’s Cashew Milk Yogurt — but does it taste good? Keep reading for more details on this new offering — and note from my taste test.

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